Welcome to the FreeSkools Project Wiki!

The FreeSkools Project is a collective effort to share all of the wisdom, legacies, organizing strategies, and stories of community free skools around the world. This project is a networking and resource sharing hub, as well as a directory of free skool projects. If you are a freeskool organizer, consider curating yourself a profile page.

This is a collaborative community resource, so lets build it together!
directory.jpg Listing of currently active and inactive free skools with contact info, links, and more.

organizersguide.jpg How-to guide on all the aspects of making your free skool a success.

theory.jpg The ideas behind the free skool.

herstory.jpg Learn about free skools that have come before, all the way back to the 18th century and beyond.

resources.jpg Books, audio, film, research, and websites that help connect and support the free skool movement.

glossary.jpg Definitions of terms, important names, & concepts

archives.jpg Scanned images, flyers, brochures, posters, photographs, calendars, etc.

Please feel free to edit, change, add, and connect.. but do so respectfully of the work that has come before.
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