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Free School is an opportunity for people of all identities to come together to share knowledge in a non-commercial, decentralized setting to strengthen community. Education is (or can be) a way to achieve transformation, equality and freedom. Everybody has something to teach and something to learn. By stepping out of our traditional teacher/student roles, we can strengthen self-reliance and the DIY (do-it-yourself) ethic. By sharing our skills and talents, as well as knowledge and information usually only accessible in expensive institutional settings, we can break away from the commodification and hierarchy of education, and start building a more interdependent, interdisciplinary way of leaning as a process of transforming ourselves and our society.
The history of Free School in Fort Collins has varied over the decades depending on the fluctuation of activist activities in the area. Long standing groups like Uproot have kept it alive in Fort Collins over the years. Recently, Hammer Time! Projects has been hosting a weekly Free School on Thursdays at 6:00PM. The subject matter change from week to week. We’ve hosted lots of classes ranging from Veganism 101, Marxism, and Sewing to Non-Invasive Birth Control and Introductory Sign Language.

Our hope is to refresh and re-energize free school in a way that is continuously accessible, inclusive and decentralized.
We've had free skool in various forms in Fo Co going on for years, but only recently has it become its own organization, in conjunction with our sister, Hammer Time Projects. We've kinda been on a winter break, but are looking to start strong again in February, with one main event per month, and either making a monthly/bi-monthly calendar or specific event flyers to put around town. One of the current focuses is partnering more with other organizations, to serve more as a conduit for local happenings rather than trying to put on all the events ourselves.
For current goings-on or to sign up to teach, visit www.focofreeschool. or join our facebook group: groups/100662373357031/