Ask yourself: What does "education" mean to you? Why do we believe that the only way to become "educated" involves paying large amounts of money to an institution in exchange for a degree? A college education can be immensely expensive, but we should not disregard the value of learning from individuals in our community. Every single person has a unique array of valuable skills, experiences and perspectives to share. The open structure of Free Skool is intended to encourage self-reliance, critical consciousness, and personal development. When we improve ourselves, we improve the world.

Iris Lane is a big house with great potential. Inspired by the Free University movement in Gainesville, FL (and various "free school"ish groups around the country), our intention is to support a community of people who recognize and pay tribute to the fact that all of us are rich wellsprings of knowledge and skills.

We will provide the physical space and help spread the word. You bring yourself and all that amazing stuff that you carry around in your noggin. Teach a class. Attend a class. Ask for a class. Spread the word.