Free U is the idea that we can all learn with and from each other everything that we need to know in order to survive and thrive as community.

Free U already exists everywhere all the time inasmuch as the above statement is true.

Free Universe-ity is the title of this website that a single person unilaterally began as a clay skeleton that is meant to serve as a place for people to connect who resonate with the idea of Free U.

Free Universe-ity is a particular attempt at magnifying the manifestation of the idea of the Free U and intentionally making space in a colonized world that actively and violently counteracts the process of people learning from and with each other everything they need to know in order to survive and thrive. The colonized world stifles the autonomous learning and projects of communities in order to incorporate them into the hubristic practices and hierarchy of settler societies.

The Free Universe-ity is an intentional networking effort with the focus of manifesting the idea of Free U. Through participating in the Free Universe-ity you will: (1) contribute to the deepening of our collective knowledge (2) get connected with other people forming a mutual aid/gift economy (3) participate in growing systems of survival that are immune to the failures of centralized economic planning (4) have another vehicle for being the change you want to see in the world (5) transform the Free Universe-ity.

This website is still in the beginning stages and may be abolished or dramatically changed as soon as it becomes obvious that its current form is not serving Free U.
Among myriad other things, we are currently working on building infrastructure and processes for helping folks meet up with each other to learn what they want to together. Two main pieces of communications infrastructure that will facilitate the intentional networking efforts of the Free Universe-ity are a website and a collaboratively crafted publication to be distributed throughout the greater Seattle area (Seattle, WA).