Free University of San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

Mission Statement
The Free University of San Francisco aims to make the highest level of education available, completely free, to any individual who wants it, regardless of color, creed, age, gender, nationality, religion or immigration status—a university free of money, taught for free. The only requirement for membership is a desire to teach and/or a desire to learn.

We believe that the purpose of education is not to turn the student into a better consumer and profit-earner but to help him or her to discover the wealth of human culture upon whose shoulders she or he stands. What we share at the Free University of San Francisco is a passionate determination to see the restoration of humanity—warm, literate, democratic—to vibrant human life. And in order to achieve this aim we have taken hold of the very hub of our culture, which is education, in order to create a brand new kind of institution, one whose existence makes no sense in the current social order, one that stands in direct defiance of the privatized profit-oriented social engineering centers that pass for universities today.

We are the Free University of San Francisco and we are rebels of knowledge.