Freeskool Asheville

Asheville, NC

Mission Statement
Freeskool Asheville is an interactive, decentralized model for learning-without the limitations of hierarchy. It is an attempt to "de-school" ourselves and to learn from one another the skills necessary to transform society and better our lives.

In addition to discussions, events, and classes, Freeskool Asheville has a strong focus on skills. It's a skillsharing network aimed to generalize skills and confidence. We seek to provide an environment that inspires individuals and facilitates the exchanging of tools they need to create their lives on their own terms. We aim to offer a network that supports peoples capacity to live more autonomously and build communities that are not limited by the constraints of outside (or inside) institutions. We wish to share skills, not just to survive within the institutional framework imposed but to thrive without and beyond it.
electronic mail: freeskoolasheville (at)