Guelph Free School

Guelph, ON
inactive since 2009

Mission Statement
We're a collective of volunteers who coordinate classes whose curriculum focuses on anti-oppressive, accessible, inclusive free learning around Guelph.
The Guelph Free School originated several years ago when a group of Guelph activists gathered together with the idea of making a new, accessible educational alternative. Many of us were disenchanted with the high costs of education and the colonialism and sexism apparent in "higher learning". We wanted to make education about learning, sharing, building, and resisting; we wanted to create a new model of education wherein everyone could have a chance to teach and learn. Our inspiration comes from anti-capitalism and popular education; we believe in accessible, community based participation through skill shares and hands on learning.

The Guelph Free School is free to attend, as well as free and open in the way it's structured. Students are not forced to learn anything or given tests, and teachers/facilitators are seen as resources of knowledge rather than as authoritarian figures. The classes are discussion based, so that everyone can contribute knowledge, experience and expertise.

the wiki presence for guelph free skool has significantly deteriorated by vandalism and spamming