High Desert Free School is primarily located in Bend, Oregon, and includes the surrounding areas as well. We aim to be a decentralized network in which skills, information, and knowledge are shared without hierarchy and free of monetary restrictions. This is our opportunity to share our knowledge while fostering and nourishing a community of mutual support and autonomy.

We need education which suits our needs and interests as well as sparks our creativity and intellect. We have the opportunity to share our skills and knowledge with our community at large to be preserved for future generations who might otherwise miss out on them.

Having a collective learning process (directed by your own desires, ideas, issues, and inquiries) will hopefully spawn a transformation of education where information is created- instead of simply being transmitted.

We strive to support local production and end the stream of waste created in modern times. We hope to foster relations with and interconnect any coalitions, collectives and co-operatives who want to contribute to a lasting and beneficial community environment.