Mission Statement
"Our School" is a project that developed out of Occupy Portland's Library. The volunteers involved in this project
have been working with educators, librarians, and community organizers to cultivate the vision of a space for free and
open learning sustained by volunteerism and civic engagement. It is our collective hope that by working to facilitate
these spaces for workshops, classes, trainings and debate we will encourage members of our community to share their
collective knowledge without placing the burdens of finance or bureaucratic hierarchy on each other. As shapers of this
vision, we wish to coordinate efforts with any individual or group who might help us to create a truly free, open and
dynamic learning environment. At this stage we are still formative. We are in lack of the facilities and tools we will
require to carry out our intended functions. We are asking for support to reach our mission especially in the forms of:

  • Your time involvement and any relevant experience you might bring
  • Space to facilitate workshops and organizational meetings
  • Books on sciences, history, art, law, and the human condition
  • Office supplies

  • To promote free speech, free expression, tuition free learning and education as a lifelong endeavor.
  • To establish a safe and intellectually stimulating environment that nurtures individual needs while emphasizing
  • critical thinking, direct application and direct action.
  • To embrace a laterally-led open forum, to develop a new educational paradigm for lifelong learning.

Our School's constitution:
We the people, in order to fully embrace our human condition, establish social justice, free speech, free expression
and free education, do establish this Constitution for Our School. By establishing a safe and intellectually stimulating
environment, we nurture individual needs while emphasizing critical thinking, direct application, and community
action. By embracing a laterally structured forum for all learning styles, we develop a new educational paradigm for
lifelong learning. To further these goals, we hold space for book, material and intellectual contributions; we also hold
space for the public to facilitate workshops, braintrusts, networking and other educational opportunities