Vermillion Freeschool

Vermillion, SD

Located in Vermillion South Dakota, our freeschool has been active for a year now. I moved to Vermillion from the Bay Area a little over a year ago and found a lack of stimulating activity and a lot of motivated people. I decided to have a potluck with community members to discuss the idea of starting our own freeschool. There was a great response from the community and lots of people had great ideas for starting classes which resulted in our first calendar.

Since the beginning of freeschool there have been a lot of changes and we've really had to change the way we opperate. Now, rather than focusing on the "radicals" here in town we've tried to reach out to the greater community, pushing to involve anyone and everyone who might be interested in teaching or learning new skills. We now organize through the local Arts organization which has offered us space to hold a large portion of our classes. Holding classes in public spaces has greatly increased attendence and has really sparked a lot of new enthusiasm. We're constantly looking for ways to improve and expand our freeschool but overall it has been a great experience.

Our website is and we are also on Facebook.