West Marin Free Skool

Marin County, CA

Mission Statement
It is the goal of West Marin Free Skool to create independent, money-less communities made of individuals who are connected by similar interests and passions.It is our aim within these communities to live in a way that is responsible, creative, and joyful; and within our natural means and resources.

West Marin Free Skool provides access to non-authoritarian and free education, empowering individuals through an open invitation to teach and to learn. WMFS promotes classes that focus on practical skill building, survival, sustainability, arts, music, communication, health, recreation, critical thinking and creative expression. West Marin Free Skool classes encourage and actively support personal growth by working within a format that rewards self-motivation, creativity and curiosity.

West Marin Free Skool invites us to reflect on the factors that shape our daily lives and determine our real wealth. This creates opportunities to pursue true interests, passions and talents while building meaningful relationships. By consciously removing money from this exchange we foster a spirit of giving without the expectation of receiving. This generous approach to daily life broadens both our social circles and our minds, thus strengthening the fabric of our social networks and wholly enriching our lives.

electronic mail: wmfreeskool (at) gmail.com