Hamilton Free Skool

Hamilton, ON

Mission Statement
FreeSkool was created in response to un-met needs in this city. We need forms of learning that nurture community, that are egalitarian, and that, more than being merely tolerant, are radically inclusive and thrive on diversity of perspective and identity.
We have used many tools to meet our goals. FreeSkool is committed to anti-oppression. We are decentralized, running on a model of consensus decision-making. We seek to be self-sustaining and to build strong bonds with other community organizations. We put our learning to work and give back to the greater community. We are inspired by anarchist philosophy and peace education in creating egalitarian learning, and we see this model as a form of resistance against this stifling culture of mediocrity. In most people’s lives, education means levels of achievement in an indifferent system — it divides people, privileging some over others — it breeds unthinking respect for authority, which is the enemy of real learning — it forces conformity to prepare people for their assumed place in society. We want to create a meaningful alternative to the mainstream education system by creating collaborative and empowering learning spaces – to learn new things while having fun!