Indigenous FreeSkool

Hamilton, ON

Nothing is set permanently. In fact, I think the only thing that is permanent is CHANGE. What I see now in our communities is dissatisfaction with the knowledge that our youth has. The youth are not happy with what they know and this is exemplified by the massive suicide rates & the alcoholism amongst other statistical epitaphs. SO LET’S CHANGE THIS !
Indigenous Freeskool is being organized in order to replace the dissatisfaction with hope and avenues for meaningful change. The government will not help our nations recover the strength we once had, in fact they will fight tooth and nail to keep us down ! It is only when we engage the struggle for our lives within our own communities by calling to action our leaders & knowledge keepers to share thier life sustaining knowledge. Connecting our spirits with the land with each other is a process that has been debilitated through colonization. SO LET’S CHANGE THIS !

Indigenous FreeSkool is active resistance. Indigenous FreeSkool is a way for the community to show support for the youth by providing opportunities to learn from each other and for each other. But in the ways of our ancestors, Indigenous FreeSkool is not only geared to youth. It is geared to anyone who has a desire to share a special skill set (like Wampum Belt Creation) or a talent (like writing) or knowledge of ancestral practices (like Hand Drumming) and anyone who has a desrire to learn the knowledge that was stolen from us. It is only when we take the power of Knowledge Acquisition from institutions and governments can we move forward constructively as nations toward peace and perceivable freedom.

Indigenous Freeskool is a venue for working together for each other. It’s removing the destructive idea that Western knowledge is somehow ‘superior’ to ours. If Western knowledge is superior, why aren’t our people thriving ? The only thing that capitalism and hierarchy is bringing to our communities is global destruction and division. So let’s remove this ourselves because no one else will do it.