Ithaca Freeskool

Ithaca, NY

Mission Statement
Classes, discussion groups, skill shares, projects, and events hosted in a non-intimidating, informal, radical, creative, and fun environment.
Brings people together to equalize the distribution of knowledge and confidence with an emphasis on skills and issues of local importance.
Builds community self-reliance and honors individual growth while connecting people with similar interests across differences in age, class, race, gender and subculture.
What do you know? What do you want to learn? We are looking for folks who are passionate about their interests and would like to share their knowledge with the community by attending and/or hosting workshops, skill-shares, discussion groups, or projects. You don’t have to be an expert! We are all constantly learning. Got a collaborative project and want to involve the community? Have a skill that you are willing to share with interested folks? Want to get together with people to discuss books, issues, ideas, dream?

Ithaca Freeskool is currently attempting to work with consensus. The Freeskool Collective, a small group of dedicated volunteers, is committed to providing a calendar of engaging, representative, and community building classes that are approved by each member. Freeskool is something of which we all want to be proud. We think this is pretty rad.