San Francisco FreeSchool

San Francisco, CA

Our philosophy is a simple one, but it’s potential is unlimited. We seek to empower our community, via life long learning – promoting skills, information, co-operation and fellowship. We support one another and our local community.

With a focus on adaptability, we evolve to meet the needs of our members, associates and friends and together we work to create a sustainable environment here in San Francisco where we can all enjoy an enriched and fulfilled life.

The Free School is the seed, the idea, the collaboration that creates an Amazing future. A future where voluntarism, reciprococity and equitable commerce are the norm.
A city wide campus with Free School Centers, (like YMCA’s), offering 24/7 facilities, classes in everything from computers to spirituality to arts, language and martial arts- Classes for all age groups.
The real foundation, is that education is the healthiest center piece of community- learning is life-long- its a renaissance vision. Education doesn’t prepare you for a job – but for life, community, every moment. So specialization is important, but being well rounded and open minded perhaps even more so-
“An open mind is a mind of curiosity, wonder, learning, infinite possibilities and a beautiful desire for understanding.”
In addition to these centers there would be Free School Classes available at various studios (maybe a yoga studio offers one free school yoga class a day) and people’s homes- all of this organized on a central, easy to access, calendar.
As a group we will apply for grants and city funding and as we grow become a grants and funding source in ourself.
We envisage co-operative living for The San Francisco Free School community with bulk organic produce buying, community gardens and urban farms – free media distribution and creation. The different schools “within” Free School would be at once both education and community action. The nutrition school would co-ordinating healthier eating and even develop relationships with farms where members could volunteer and gain skills, while the video and film department would distribute free dvd’s and documentaries, the art department would beautify the city- etc. We’ve already begun doing all of these things… on a very small scale.