Ashland Free Skool is a decentralized and experimental education project drawing heavily from the practical and direct application of revolutionary social justice to education.We are affiliated with, support, and are organized around Occupy Ashland. An experiment in community, self-expression, and self-reliance, we remain firmly rooted in direct experience. We believe that true community power resides in the peoples’ unconstrained access to knowledge and education. As such, we are striving to create a decentralized network of community citizens of all ages in the Rogue Valley area who want to both teach and receive teaching by freely sharing skills, knowledge, and information.
Statement of Intention:
Our intention is to encourage self-reliance in the community, develop a consciousness of alternative methods of education, and create an egalitarian learning environment outside of the widely accepted monetary economic education system in order to help individuals and communities identify and resist authoritarian tendencies. We do this for the goal of fostering stronger and deeper community roots, knowledge, and individual self-awareness.