Bloomington Free Skool

Bloomington, IN

Mission Statement
We are a decentralized grassroots network in which skills, information, and knowledge are shared without hierarchy or the institutional environment of formal schooling. This is a radically different approach to living and learning. Classes are informal, egalitarian, and are held in homes, social spaces, and parks. It is our opportunity to learn from each other and share what we know, to help create self-reliance, vital communities, and beauty in the world. We seek to remove the role of money in learning and free ourselves from the traditional roles of pupil, instructor, and administration. We hope to encourage a new and better world, and to do so, we must claim our capacity to learn for ourselves. If Free Skool brings you a little closer to liberation, we are thrilled by your participation in the project.
All classes must be free of charge for participants.

Don’t bother submitting classes with discriminatory content, because we won’t take ‘em!
electronic mail: bloomingtonfreeskool (at)