Tampa Free Skool follows in the vein of other Free Skools across the nation and the world. We believe that true community power resides in the peoples’ unconstrained access to knowledge and education. As such, we are striving to create a decentralized network of community citizens of all ages in the Tampa Bay area who want to both teach and receive teaching by freely sharing our combined skill sets, knowledge, and information. Our intention is to encourage self-reliance in the community, develop a consciousness of alternative methods of education, and create a non-authoritarian learning environment outside of the widely-accepted monetary economic education system. We do this for the greater good of creating stronger and deeper community roots and enlightenment.

A Free Skool is not an institutionalized structure that disseminates knowledge in a traditional academic manner. A Free Skool maintains a philosophy of non-hierarchical, open-structure collaboration between community members who simply find importance in freely sharing knowledge with one another. Our idea of “free” refers not only to freedom from financial payment for knowledge, but also to the freedom to participate in mindful speech, peaceful assembly, and the birth of new ideas. There is no centralized location for a Free Skool — any Place in the community can be a classroom in the Free Skool. Community members can open their homes to conduct cooking classes, discussion groups, and workshops. Free Skool teachers can also use free public spaces and parks to conduct dance classes, music workshops, or environmental education courses. Business owners in the Tampa Bay community can open their space to host Free Skool courses. The Place does not matter — only the presence of community members, and a willingness to both offer knowledge and mindfully receive it in return.

We in the Free Skool truly believe that Tampa Bay possesses an amazing potential to be a leader by example in our nation. We believe that our city, with us taking an active part in it, can become a national example of a fair, just, and conscious political system, of real Community, and of green and sustainable growth. Our hope is to manifest these things in any way we can, and we believe that the Free Skool will facilitate the growth of these already-existent ideals.
We are all teachers, we are all students; we all have something to share with our friends! Won’t you join us on our journey toward Community?