Butte Free Skool

Chico, CA

Mission Statement
Butte Free Skool is a grassroots, collective effort to create an autonomous, mutual support network beyond institutional control. This is not a school in the traditional sense, not even an “alternative” school, but a radically different approach to living and learning. Classes are informal and egalitarian, and are held in homes, social spaces, parks – anywhere that works for the particular group. It is an opportunity to learn from each other and share what we know, to help create self-reliance, and build vital communities.

In addition to being an opportunity to learn, we see Free Skool as a direct challenge to dominant institutions and hierarchical relationships, and a chance to decommodify knowledge. We all have skills and interests that others would benefit from sharing. The Free Skool is intended to act as a facilitator to that sharing.

And yes, it *is* free.

electronic mail: buttefreeskool (at) riseup.net